Keepa Road Pump Station Installation

Brian Perry Civil

Scope of Works

Box Culvert Installation

  • Box culvert was installed across Pump Station feed canal on river metal prepared bed with riprap inlet/outlets on geofabric.
  • Designed to be able to later extend across Keepa Road to service the presently undeveloped part of Lysaght Industrial Subdivision.
  • Concrete stormwater pump station and intake structure constructed inside temporary deep sheetpiled structure partly sitting in drainage channel adjacent Whakatane River Stopbank. Sheetpiles were driven at depth in free flowing river sands.
  • A large diameter ribbed HDPE S/W Pipe connecting to two pumps was laid through stopbank with concrete bedding and surround.
  • Pipe discharge with headwall and floodgate to riprap on geofabric lined dissipation construction designed for full flood events.

Control of Water

  • Water was controlled by a 150mm dia silenced pump with wellpoints plus internal sump pumps discharging via silt trap and sediment fence to the canal.
  • These sumps very effectively handled central vertically rising water in the large sheetpiled enclosure.

Pavement Construction

A new double entranceway was constructed to Keepa Road with appropriate earthworks, metal compaction and sealing.

Traffic Management

A Traffic Management Plan was developed, approved by Whakatane District Council and adhered to throughout works by way of signage and cones.

Health and Safety

All work was completed in accordance with the approved Site Safety Plan and Health and Safety In Employment Act 1992.

Quick Facts

  • Contract Value: $308,766.21
  • Location: Keepa Road, Whakatane
  • Completion Date: July 2012