Ohope Road Slip Repairs

Whakatane District Council

Original Contract work included:

  • Survey, set out, environmental and traffic control.
  • Removal of trees and vegetation, removal of overhanging roots and branches.
  • Trimming of batters, widening of benches and reshaping of existing cut faces along Ohope Road using 227 Long Reach and Reduced Tail Swing excavators and 6 x 4 trucks.
  • Earthworks, including site clearance, topsoil removal, cut to waste, vegetation removal and disposal.
  • Hydro seeding of cut and exposed faces.
  • Installation of drainage systems.
  • Site restoration and tidy up on completion.

Revised Works (after Consent, archeological and many redesign delays):

  • Additional environmental and traffic management requirements.
  • Supply and installation of Farmtuf down pipes.
  • Horizontal bored 48mm Class D uPVC drains.
  • Construction of surface water collection drains and subsoil drainage.
  • Supply and placement of Mac Mat R including 10mm DF rebar.
  • Supply and Construct 620 Green 2m2 Terramesh Units.
  • Supply and Placement of imported rotten rock for Terramesh.
  • Supply and Placement of Tensar RE540 filter cloth.
  • Supply and place 150mm Novaflo & F2 filter sand.
  • Construction of drainage swale with novaflo under, then Geofabric and 2.6 T/m3 cobble lining.
  • Hydro seeding.

Quick Facts

  • Contract Value: $1.5m
  • Location: Ohope Road, Whakatane
  • Duration: 26 April 2010 – 1 August 2012

This complex project commenced on 28th April 2010 with an original due date for completion of 10 June 2010. However, a wide range of ongoing extras were added and substantial design changes were made due to heavy and prolonged rainfall damage on a geographically complex site. The project was officially completed on 30 April 2012 and was within the revised budget and timeline.