Truck Driver / Labourer / Operator

This position requires the employee to demonstrate a willing attitude to carry out manual and plant operating tasks being controlled or organized by Waiotahi Group of Companies; or any of its subsidiary companies. This may include work on Waiotahi Contractors’ Projects, Metal Production or Ready Mix.

Responsible To

Area Manager -to be specified in the Individual Employment Contract.


Skills required for this position include good general knowledge in site works, and you should display day-to-day attention to the maintenance requirements of the appropriate vehicle/s and or machinery as instructed.

A clean and current Heavy Transport drivers’ licence (up to and including Class 5) is an advantage and you should be prepared to gain other licence certificates relative to the position as requested, for example Dangerous Goods etc.

It may be required of the employee to maintain and operate equipment being used by Waiotahi Group of Companies or any of its subsidiary companies, providing that the maintenance or operation of said machinery is within the scope of the employee’s capabilities. Other reasonable tasks may from time to time be allocated and not necessarily associated with general labouring and I or operation of machinery associated with, but under the control of the Waiotahi Group of Companies.

Effective communication skills are necessary, including the ability to verbally discuss situations, take instruction and information so that they are clearly understood by yourself and others. It is expected that the employee exhibit a high standard of behaviour at all times and have as clean and tidy appearance as practicable.

Due to the nature of the business, you must possess the ability to work under pressure and to meet tight deadlines. The Company’s ISO 9001 :2008 Policies and Procedures, Health & Safety Requirements and Regulatory Compliance Standards must be understood and followed at all times.

All staff must comply with all legislative requirements and actively promote the Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental Policies and Procedures of the company.

Key Responsibilities

  • To work on tasks as per your supervisors’ instructions in accordance with Codes of Practice.
  • To operate Company owned or operated vehicles and I or machinery as requested.
  • Pre start checks of said vehicles and I or machinery on a day-to-day basis.
  • To undertake other reasonable tasks within the Waiotahi Group of Companies when required.

General Responsibilities

  1. To ensure all instructions given by your supervisor are followed in a safe and lawful manner.
  2. Maintaining in as clean and tidy state as is practicable, any Company equipment or machinery in the care of said employee at any time.
  3. Maintaining and forwarding to your supervisor, daily time sheets where required.
  4. Complete worksheets and keep au necessary records.
  5. To ensure all activities are carried out in an efficient and professional manner with the best interests of the Company in mind.
  6. To attend safety and training meetings when required.

Driving Responsibilities

  1. To ensure all instructions given by the Transport Manager are adhered to in a safe and lawful manner.
  2. Ensure the correct and lawful operation of the Company’s vehicles and or machinery.
  3. Maintaining (in consultation with Workshop Foreman I Mechanics) in a roadworthy state any Company vehicle or machine in the care of said driver at any time.
  4. To ensure any legal requirements for maintenance of log books as required in the terms of the Land Transport New Zealand Transport Act are up-to-date and accessible as and when required.
  5. Maintaining, accurately recording and filing all other requirements of the Transport Act and its amendments.
  6. To ensure good liaison with the Transport Manager(s) in relation to any task being carried out.


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