At the foundation of every project. We are experts in the driving of sheetpiles for civil construction, commercial and residential projects.


Sheetpiling is used to provide temporary or permanent walls in construction. It can be used for excavation support and soil retention which creates a border to keep the soil back, away from the structure.

Sheetpiles are designed to interlock with each other.  They are installed in sequence along the excavation perimeter. When assembled together, they form a wall for permanent or temporary earth support, along with anchors to provide extra lateral support.

Movax Sheetpiling System

Waiotahi own and operate a Movax SP 60F Sheetpiling system consisting of an excavator mounted pile driver and a specialist excavator. This efficient, cost-effective system removes the need for any manual handling of the piles or the need of any assistance from other machinery. 

The benefits of our Movax system include:

  • Access to confined areas,
  • Driven by the excavators hydraulics for true one man control,
  • Cost saving,
  • Less labour costs,
  • Less disruption to the surrounding environment,
  • High productivity.

Our equipment and services are extremely adaptable so we can work on sites with limited access, tight deadlines or specialist environmental considerations.


Buy or Hire Sheetpiles

We have a large stock of FSP111A sheetpiles available for either short or long term hire.

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